How to know soft reject and hard reject?

Is there any hint to know my item got soft rejected or hard reject?


If you find any of item at hidden item tab like this this is Soft Rejected =
hard rejected hidden item tab is blank there will be no item.

and also both of item reviewer will be send you an email with details.


My item is not sowing in the section Hidden Items, that means it was hard rejected. But can i re-submit it after some improvement?



Generally you are not able to resubmit your hard rejected item.after insufficient change you can do that as i hear about that.


The biggest problem is they (Envato Quality team) not saying the item rejected for which pert of the project? They just said “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”.

Now how can i find the problem and solve them to re-submit?

Its is depended on your design skill/design quality or you can getting help form any of UI expert for your item design

Post a link to your live demo and we may be able to offer some advice.

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Item Name: SkyWebTech - Advanced Multipurpose PHPApplication with Social Login & User Management System

Demo Front-end:
Demo Back-end:

Thanks for helping me, please give me a better suggestion to get approval, i really need it.

Note: I already found a problem that my some images not displayed in Documentation, these images displayed properly in localhost but not displayed on live demo, and that my mistake i didn’t checked before submit. Please let me know if is there any others issues.

Lack of value and audience.

This item is not complete. For example, the “services” and “portfolio” pages do not work. I’m not sure if you intend for buyers to edit the code and add such pages themselves, but that’s not really acceptable. If you’re selling a script like this, it should be “complete” with all corners covered and working out-of-the-box.

Furthermore, the script should solve a problem - it should do something. Your script doesn’t have a clear purpose at all. A mere login/registration platform with nothing else on it isn’t interesting to but a small number of people. It looks to me like you do intend for people to buy this and then build upon it. But truth be told, anyone with the skill to build upon this would have no issue creating their own login/user system customized to their needs and using their own theme.

I can’t really see this item being accepted. Perhaps if you used the login system as part of a much bigger and valuable platform, like a social network script, then sure. But alone, it’s not something that CodeCanyon would find any value in.

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Thanks for your review on this and some valuable suggestions. Can you please check my documentation is it quality standard or not?

Your documentation was very nice. :smiley:

Thank you so much for appreciate.

Need one more suggestion, can i remove uncompleted things like “services” and “portfolio” pages etc, and change the item name from “Advanced Multipurpose PHP Application with Social Login & User Management System” to “Login System & User Management” and re-submit it? It will be approved as a Login System & User Management? Because there are many scripts already approved as Login System.

already hard rejected Item again resubmit not acceptable by envato. So, I think only title change and remove some non exist part is not enough for resubmit. You have to change enough to make and feel as like a new Item, you can think about layout, color, features etc. Thanks

Can i make it to a complete Magazine News and Blog Script for resubmit? And also can i use existing color layout or this template to make it Magazine News and Blog Script?

title change and color is not major factor. Just keep in mind You have to change enough to make and feel as like a new Item. Then you can submit it with a new title based on your Item features mean title should reflect on your Item features. Hope you understand.

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