how to know if mine was accepted or not?

Hello friends!
I uploaded my music, but I don’t know if it was accepted or not…
I need your help to know where I can get this information.

Hi, so now the review time is about 8 days, so you have to wait 8 days since you uploaded the song. Then an email will arrive in which you will be told if your song has been accepted or not

Thanks for your attention!
In my case, I have more than 12 days, my music was for a future review, and now it has simply disappeared from the area where I can follow, and I have not received any feedback emails either.

There are two options;
If the track was approved, it appears in your portfolio.
If the track was hard rejected, the track wont appears.

simple! Thank you friend! :slight_smile:

or there are exceptional cases in which it is reviewed by another person and therefore it takes a little longer