how to keep followers?

I want as many followers, but they are removed more and more … why? help them with questions, I thank you for every purchase, I try to show in the friendship and attention, but they go away … Perhaps I have offended someone? Please give advice!

hi buddy, something that u failed to identify is that some authors are gone sometimes for different types of reasons … blocked, they close their accounts on their own, they do not feel like following u anymore and maybe some other issues …

If we’re talking about Envato Market followers, don’t worry too much about it. Focus on creating better and better products and the followers will come (as will the sales).

Stay strong :muscle:

Followers are forever, wait no…they can Go Away at any time :joy: :joy:

Don’t worry about the followers. Most times people follow so you can follow back. If you’re not following back, they will unfollow after a while. It’s a zero sum game :ok_hand:

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hmm … I do not even know about it, thank you

OK, thanks for the advice!