How to install wordpress theme jobmonster

Im sorry if this isnt the correct place. But I’m having trouble installing Jobmonster. Whenever I install it through wordpress or Filezilla and activate it. Then I load my website the entire theme looks wrong. I also tried changing themes, it still looks wrong. It’s all white and missing the entire design of the theme, you can’t tell what theme it is.

How do I properly install it? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

You should ask the author for theme specific queries however:

This is a WP theme not a site template so it won’t come pre populated. You will need to import dummy content and set the theme up in full to make it look like the demo you see here.

99.9% this will be covered in the file documentation and my be one click in theme options or may require importing a XML file.

If you can’t find it in the help documentation then follow the link above to ask the author.