How to install the Lemon – Spa and Beauty Responsive HTML5 Template

i am trying to upload the templates in to word press website Can some one help me on this issue,Please

Well for starters it sounds like you have purchased the HTML template and not a wordpress theme :wink: in which case you bought the wrong theme.

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As @123Simples said this is a html template so won’t work on WP.

WP version here Lemon | Spa & Beauty Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme by Bearsthemes

How can i install the templates to the word press website

You cannot install the HTML5 template on WordPress - it is a HTML template, not a theme.

If you purchase the WP version then you can install it like any other WP theme.

Any Assistance to upload the templates in to WordPress web page

As above there is no way to use a HTML template on WordPress. It is not possible.

You need to purchased the WP theme version.

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