how to install lottie files into wordpress?

I downloaded Lottie Animation for WordPress Editor
But I can not figure out how to install it in WordPress.
The download said there were over 1000 lotties but I could not figure out how to install.
Would appreciate help.
Thank you.

there is the link-


You can follow this article to install your envato elements wp installation


While there is no support etc. for Elements downloads - fortunately, that particular item has online documentation that you can try

i could not find what i was needed

im trying it but i got this error:

"Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed."

please help me

99% sure you are trying to install the whole download and not only the plugin folder

you right

what else should i do?

identify which folder in the main download is the right one and only containing the plugin and install that

i did it!

uploaded the right folder, but still i dont understand where i cant upload the lottie now.

If you mean how to use the plugin once it is correctly installed then I would have expected that to be covered in the documentation link above.

If not then unfortunately it will be a case of trial and error as Elements downloads do not come with author support or updates

ok Charlie thank you very much!

the last thing charlie because i think i miss something!

i downloaded the right file now and install it.

but i do not find the library with all the Lottie files that it write it is in the folder.

i think im just doing something wrong.

The library of animations is available online
Choose what you like, copy the URL, and use it in the plugin.