How to install an update to a theme you already bought


Hi everyone

I purchased a theme from themeforest a couple weeks ago and got an email to say there is an update for theme. How do I install the update to my theme that I already have on Wordpress. Because when I click download update in the email they sent, it takes me to the page to re-download the whole theme?

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Dont worry I figured it out

Thanks :slight_smile:


How Aussiemac? Cant figure it out…:frowning:


Hey Jasper,

You just need to redownload the whole theme. That theme is now the updated version.

So just download it and paste it in your wordpress theme folder and overwrite it!

Good luck! :slight_smile:



Use Child Themes instead of modifying the core files of the [parent] theme.

pixelentity said

Thanks! It’s nice plugin but an archive from github is broken. Anyone has it?


pixelentity said

Thanks, Pixelentity :slight_smile: