How to install a demo-import theme without going online?

haven´t found an answer in the forum and hope You can assist me.
I got a website running with impreza5. Everything is fine.
But now I want to change to the. “Demo-Import” Theme: Blog Demo, which is included in impreza5, Of course I can download this theme, but after downloading this theme is already installed and is “live”.
So all me actual website is already changed to the new theme and is looging horrable.
How can I download the theme and edit it in background to go live when everythig is fine.

Hope I could explain in an understandable manner and look forward to Your help.
Thanks so much in advance.
Bye Klaus


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

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please check your theme option is there any settings to make your site under maintenance mode. If you can find then enable maintenance mode otherwise use any maintenance mode plugin so that you can make your front end under maintenance and in backend you can make necessary changes. In maintenance mode only loggedin user can see the site live with full content and your changes. Hope this will help you. Thanks

Thanks for prompt answer.
Ok, I can do it with this “maintenance” plugin. But during the editing of my website, the site is “down” (under construction).
Is there a possibility to keep the exisiting sie running while editing in background with a new theme?
Thanks to all.

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if you want to change your live site then you have to active the theme that you want to active for your site otherwise when you will chnage theme then your design can be broken and can face some complexity. Thanks