How to inlucde wp bakery plugin in my theme . license issue

Hello , We have developed a theme using wp bakery page builder ( visual composer ) . We have bought extended license for wp bakery plugin . I have included the plugin in my theme/plugins/ and have included the plugin in tgmpa plugin activation. Will i have to provide extended license during upload process . Iam going to upload my theme in themeforest tommorow . So if i upload theme without providing extend license during upload process . Will this cause rejection to my theme . If it cause a rejection wheather it will be hard reject or soft reject .

How to include license or just we need to include the plugin according to the terms and condition of wp bakery licensing

Check this

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@ charlie4282 We already checked that and followed the instructions . Please tell me whether I should send my license to the reviewer when uploading my theme. I have included the plugin and set up the tgmpa according to the article