How to increase website loading speed?

We’re using this website template in our saas project, but the web page loading speed is not satisfactory. The PageSpeed Insights score for Mobile is only 63 / 100.

How can I improve this?

When you test your site on PageSpeed Insights, bellow the result, you have “Optimization Suggestions” how to improve your score.


Hi CocoBasic, thanks for the tip. I did check these suggestions and also made some changes which resulted in a better score now. I want to move further and try to get a green (80+) score which seems much harder than simply follow these optimizing tips.

Currently, my clues are:

  1. Eliminate unwanted elements from css/js files, which sized as about 400-500KB;
  2. Localize the Google Font;
  3. use SVG instead of PNG/JPG picture to reduce image loading burden.

Any other advice? :slight_smile:

Did you compress all images ?

Optimize images , render blocking js and css compress the stuffs as much as you can and also use a decent cache and enable lazy loading for images , If you are looking for professional website speed optimization contact me on Envato studio , You can order my service on -->

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