How to increase sales on graphicriver ?

I want to get most sales on graphicriver, can you share about your experience on graphicriver ?

hi as for I identify , u have to uploadas often as possible and try to have a maximum of items being accepted, then u must spend a significant time to advertise things , everywhere u possibly can, so that your items get noticed: usual social networks, designer social networks , all that u can can help to a certain extent , and of course, otherwise, displaying on your own website if u have one …

My opinion, it’s getting hard to make proper sales on the marketplace due to systems such as Elements etc. are offering much more better/fixed price for the thousands of the items. The only way you could manage would be creating a unique item. You can also consider to join Elements

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elements authors are selected by envato as for I know, so he may not be able to join …

Will envato element give huge money ? A i dont have envato element and how to get it my items just 26 in graphicriver portfolio ?

Pada tanggal Sab, 16 Jul 2022 09.33, n2n44 via Envato Forums <> menulis:

I don’t know how they manage the payments but you may be able to get “fixed” amount or per item if it’s downloaded some amount.

You can submit application to join Elements

I ever tried to submit to join on envato element, but i don’t get oppotunity to get approved, are there some peoples in this community which is get envato element approved and what is requarement exactly and how much money have you get of envato element permonth ?

Pada tanggal Sab, 16 Jul 2022 14.05, ki-themes via Envato Forums <> menulis:

hi it looks like this is very profitable if u can join this “service”, as this is a very promoted service and that subscription systems seem attractive for most of the people nowadays. As for people being in elements, you may ask @PeakStar for instance as he could join and looks satisfied with it , he will probably be able to tell u more about such sbjects

to further answer your questions, I do no think that the approval for joining the system is related to how many items u turn out to have in your portfolio but as for I understand from this system, the money that u will get will depend on how many items u are ok to put there , how many times they are downloaded, as well as the global bulk of money made by the company from all the authors’ contribution