How to increase sales of template?

Hi, everyone!
Could you please help me? I am working on promotion of our templates. One of the most interesting way for me is blog posting and writing articles. So do you know sites where I can post such articles about my template or so on? (for ex. tuts+)

Which kind of template would help.

What kind of project are you gonna release? Who are your audience and target? Is it a general template or for some kind of niche?

The good article is not about how great your template is but what kind of influence and income (not only material) might that bring to your potential buyers.

I have already started a new group on facebook.

We are about to release a big series of articles about promoting items ways to increase the income and general speaking motivation.

Come and join us :slight_smile:

hi, here’s to increase sales no matter where u belong and so on …
make quality items, upload often , promote much all your items and display them anywhere u can, make a website where u give freebies and make links to your envato items for sale … if u do all this , this should be not bad already lol

Good day, thank you for reply.
I understand that we should describe the benefit for the potential buyer of our template, only then it will work. Your group is very interesting so when I finish an article I will contact you.
About our templates: we have a few and special audience for each (entertainment sphere and governmental project). I wish you good luck and success in your business :slight_smile: