How to increase sales (Funny tutorial)

Hello guys, just want to give you some (funny) hints on how to increase your sales!!!

  1. Open Chrome Browser;
  2. Hit Ctrl + shift + I to open your Chrome Dev Tools;
  3. Select the right div you want to increase!
  4. Edit that HTML div with the value you want to display and hit Enter key!
  5. That’s it. Now you can display an increased number of sales of your items (although only you can see those changes, unless you prinstcreen it like we did…):joy::sunglasses:

Don’t get me wrong, but this was only a way to make you guys laugh a bit :wink:
Best regards.


Too late for this…

what happened?! :open_mouth:

No customers => No sales => Out of business :sleepy:

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Now you got me… :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:


And sudently we get to Elite Authors!! :smiley:

Thank you so much to all our customers that helped us through this way and helped us grow and achieve this important mark!!!

Best regards!!

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Hello @EZCode

Haaa, Nice trips for increase sale. but it will not increase your earning :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately it wont get you earning… :sob: But at least you can have a good laugh with it!! :smiley:

Best regards.

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Hahahahahaha this was hilarious dude, we did laugh thanks :wink: cheers

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ha ha ha :stuck_out_tongue:

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