How to increase page review and sale

Hi everyone, good day!
I wonder how can I improve my page? How can I market it right? And how can I get more page review and therefore more sales?
I would highly appreciate your feedback?
Thank you.

Both approval ratio as well as sales are directly proportional to the quality of your items.

The million dollar question. :slight_smile:


That’s the big picture. I am wondering about the details like what are the quality factors? Probably beside good design and good technical side of the item, a good marketing would be a quality factor as well. After working with great authors like Pixflow or Premiumilk and many more, I can guess about the good design or good template, but still marketing strategies are blurry for me.

Right? I wonder why I couldn’t find any clear topics about it, only bunch of youtube videos an blogs.

I have never spend any dollar on marketing or ads outside of the marketplaces. All I do is I have links in my description leading to my other files.

I think I am fairly succesful here.

The big players like pixflow or videolancer do invest more in marketing, I guess. They follow the same marketing principles as any online marketing strategy, so there are many ressources available that are not specific to envato.

In my opinion, if you are unhappy with your sales, outside marketing will not have as a big of an effect as improving your items.

I just took a look at your portfolio. Your handy motion presets for Premiere have several problems. First of all, it is a copy of a bestseller, everyone will buy the bestseller and not the copy unless you bring something new to the table. You show how it works in the preview and it looks awful, there are no previews, only filenames and folders, it takes forever until I can see an actual animation and how it is applied. The voiceover is hard to understand against the music.

I would not buy this.


Hey Creattive
This is a very generous feedback.
Thank you for spending time and looking through my page.
I am agree with what you said about the premiere preset and will try to improve it soon.
Wish you the best.
Thank you.

You can also create Social Media accounts.
In your case, “Motionistt” social media accounts in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

And you can put your preview video/image, and then provide links to these VideoHive items.

But I’m not 100% sure whether it will increase your sales.
Since I’m too new here, I haven’t experienced any referral sales yet.
But you can do it that way.

Anyway, as @Creattive said,
I too belive the best way is to creating quality products.

Very helpful tips. Thank you

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that’s great. it is most Benevolent for us, Thanks

It’s a long process and I would advise you to start promoting on Instagram first. Many of my friends have posted their work there, gaining a number of followers.