how to include revolution slider in the theme. (developer)


I include revolution slider in my theme by “extended license” and put rev zip file i.e. “codecanyon-xxxxxxx-slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin” in my downloaded file.

but reviewer said “Please do not include the standalone version of the plugin” I did not understand what I must do because I put in the same way for my previous theme and he accepted.

may be it means I put main zip file “” without documention and licensing folder?


Dear Persian Art,

You should insert tha file only and not the complete file that you downloaded, Please keep your purchase code in yours and not include it in your download file.

Movafagh Bashi :slight_smile:


we ourselves use the TGM Plugin Activation library which is the best way to require and recommend all kinds of plugins for WordPress themes

Put the inside the plugins folder that is mentioned there and adapt our example code here to your theme (should be no problem since you are a theme dev):

‘name’ => ‘Slider Revolution’, // The plugin name
’slug’ => ‘revslider’, // The plugin slug (typically the folder name)
‘source’ => PATH_TO_THE_THEME_FOLDER . ‘/plugins/’, // The plugin source
’required’ => true, // If false, the plugin is only ‘recommended’ instead of required
’version’ => ‘’, // E.g. 1.0.0. If set, the active plugin must be this version or higher, otherwise a notice is presented
’force_activation’ => true, // If true, plugin is activated upon theme activation and cannot be deactivated until theme switch
’force_deactivation’ => true, // If true, plugin is deactivated upon theme switch, useful for theme-specific plugins
’external_url’ => ‘’, // If set, overrides default API URL and points to an external URL

Cheers from your Team @ ThemePunch


Thank you for your message, this was what I wanted to know and very helpful.
Shoma ham movafagh bashid.


Thank you for your detailed guidance and your support here.

good luck