How to include a song Presentation IMAGE?

Hello everyone.

A simple question about how to include a nice "presentation"image when I upload a song. I have my categories created ( collections) and as always I include the thumbnail, zip and audio preview, but I see how in other profiles, they include a cool image of your choice, right above the main presentation text of the song.

Is that an extra image that you include on the zip file? Or you need to have it uploaded on a web page?

Sorry but I never saw that detail clearly mentioned in the upload form. Any other detail or code trick is well received. Thanks again to the community and keep doing great music. :smile_cat:

img tag with src on external server :sunglasses:

thank you : )

Hi again Stockwave. Just one more question. What kind of external server hosting the image is needed? A personal webpage, ftp, o can it also be an image hosted on a facebook page for example? What is the most usual way? Many thanks.

Best thing is to upload the image via FTP to a personal webpage or server. Then add it to the description like this:

<img src="" />

Where the text between " " is the URL of the image.


Thanks for the help!

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Wow, great idea! I had no idea you could do this. Looks like it’ll be goodbye to horribly slow Photobucket and hello to aurusaudio image hosting :smiley:


That’s it! If you ever need help with some HTML/design let me know James! :slight_smile:


I believe I will need an ftp then. I don’t have web page or ftp and was thinking maybe there was a turnaround for this, but I guess its the best option. Isn’t there a chance of having a personal blog, flickr profile with images or something? Excuse my ignorance on this and thank you Snailmusic

Yes, you can even have a Dropbox Public folder. From there you can get a shareable link:


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Sounds nice, Im gonna give it a study then. Thnx!