how to include a demo page in my child version of themeforest vigor

Hi, I am working with a child version of Vigor themeforest. There are few pages in the template version that I would like to use in my child version but I have no idea how to include them without killing my website. I am guessing, should I import the demo? Could you explain me the process step by step?

Hi, I thought I was contacting the author through here… I see, my support was expired and I don’t see any free support anywhere. I thought in this forum I could have some advice. Is that correct?

Forum is for general purposes, not for item support. The advise would be “contact the author for support” or as I stated, you may get some paid support offers.

How to include a demo page in your child version is not a general doubt that could help a lot of people? I don’t get it

Just to be clear the theme or child theme does not belong to Envato or anyone in the forums.

All copyright and ownership of items belongs to the author and as such all support also goes through them rather than general forum users.

Then someone could tell me where/how I contact the author? or the forum of the author? Instructions there