How to improve your DAW's performance

This is a very informative video on how computers work and how components in your computer (unrelated to audio) can affect the performance of your DAW.

In a nutshell - the power of your CPU might not be as important as you might think. Unplugging an usb wireless modem or installing a new version of a graphic driver can have a significant impact on your audio latency.

CPU Performance vs. Real-Time Performance in Digital Audio Workstations (DAW)


He’s really smart guy. It was one of the most informative video out here.

Thanks for sharing PhotonicMusic. That is an excellent explanation video covering a very confusing and important topic to us DAW users!

Thanks for sharing!

Hard drive speed is usually the bottleneck these days…

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This guys should be used for breeding more smart people… awesome video!!

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Thanks a lot for sharing this video! This was the most irritating topic for me for a long time and now it is has become much more clearer for me.

What’s All the Hubbub About? :slight_smile:

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