How to improve quality of my design

Hello, do you have some suggestion how to improve this design?

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Personally, I don’t think the font choice is right for a ‘Fox’ design (but that may just be me)

The design feels very flat and placed on the t-shirt rather than a natural part of it (the design also looks like it may be a printing nightmare in real life)

The edges of the t-shirt are pixelated and look like they have been cut out of a background

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Thank you. So what do you suggest to avoid the flat look?

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I’m not really a designer but you need to make it look and feel like it is actually part of the t-shirt rather than a logo design layered on top of the t-shirt

Hi there:

I think that you need change colors fox, and need improvement you typography, regards.

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This was a logo design but I wanted on the T-shirt.

You mean use more quiet color like more from the fox and black and white, maybe some grunge look?

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Again not a designer but if you look at alternative files like or hey feel like the logo is naturally on the t-shirt and not like two separate elements - that’s what you need to get to once the design itself is fine-tuned.

I believe that color is white, orange or red (not dark), black, good luck.

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Thank you

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Colors are so dark. Make more bright.

Also, add some attactive image/anything

Good luck