How to improve my Flyer Design

Please let me know which section I need to improve

Connect to Digital
Printed flyers are an excellent way to drive your audience back online, and make them engage with your digital content. While designing your flyer, don’t forget to include Facebook and Twitter links, so as to promote your social media presence. If you want to be really tech-savvy, take this one step further using a tool like GizThis for iOS or Android, or digital coupons.

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There are better people to give technical feedback like @n2n44 but the basics look like they need a lot of work esp. typography, spacing, margins, alignment, and hierarchy

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thank you

sorry i could only deal with this thread now, i have answered in the other one where the flyer was posted …

It is hilarious that you ask how to improve your flyer when you didn’t even bother to correct your typos!

  • Bsiness
  • Strategyc
  • Gete in Touch
  • Main Stree
  • New Yourk

It says a lot about you.