how to improve before resubmit "Hard Rejected" HTML Template



My first submitted item HTML Template on Themeforest is hard rejected.

Here is the response we got from the reviewer:
“MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NOT MET: Your item does not meet the minimum technical design requirements for this category.”

Here is the demo link:

Can you please help me by providing your valuable opinion about the current problems and improvements I can make?

Thanks in advance!


Please give me feeback


It’s not allowed to resubmit hard reject templates.


i know this not resubmit but what problem my theme pls tell me

i am waiting for your response…


1: whitespace is not well taken care of. You need to be consistent in your use of margins and paddings. If padding-top is 30px, then bottom should also be 30px.

2: The concept is not unique in any special way. It seems like some free theme/template which was redone and repackaged. Nothing much is original and out of personal creativity.

3: Heading may look better with a unique font of their own.

4: Consider we can as well get a free template as good or better than the one you’ve done. Why would the market accept your item?

Please keep in touch for help with the design