how to I make a page like "themeswich"

I bought shareit theme today to make a page like below:

But I couldn’t find a way to do it :frowning: can you help me out?

This is not theme package page. Every authors have their own style to preview their themes. If you want theme preview landing page like this, then I think you should contact them to buy this one or make one for yourself.


you can create something like that with the followin plugin:

it is really easy I made it ask me if you need anything I think no self promotion as you ask how it has been done.

@woos55 out of interest why would you use a theme just as a landing page prior to yours or another theme?

@creativeisG does that plugin offer the multiple device views also?

Yeap, it does! :slight_smile:

just need it. I misunderstood that is included in a package. lost my money…:disappointed_relieved: