How to hide changes username history?



How to hide changes username history from account page from other’s. i need to do that. is there any one who can help me. please…

Thanks in advance


Hi! Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment.


You will have to contact envato and they will remove it for you if you have a solid reason. :slight_smile:

Good Luck


No, they won’t. Even the staff can’t do it for themselves.


+1 @Enrize


Thank you all. i will contact to the help line.


As i told you its a waste of time. The username history cannot be hidden. The support will tell you the same. Its just how the entire website works and cannot be changed for individual profile pages.


i hid it two times. Just contact support.


Are you sure Sir, Then I will try.


Yes, you can do it by contacting support but it’s probably a matter of getting in touch with the right support agent.

I’ve noticed over the years that some Envato Customer Support agents know what they’re talking about, and some don’t :slight_smile:


Really? I’ve tried several times and everytime they told me the same thing that its not possible…


Yes, it’s possible. I even changed username when i had already change it that year, and than i ask to remove old username from profile. Twice. Maybe i’m just lucky)But i wrote a long letter explaining the reasons. It was half year ago.


What a shame then. I wrote a reasonable letter too. I even asked when i didn’t have anything uploaded and sold.


maybe it depends on support agent. I don’t remember who it was. Actually, i don’t understand why we need old username on profile.