How to hide certain tags from frorums homepage?



I’m not interested in audio and video tags at all. How can I hide all of their posts?
I know we can mute some categories, but how about tags?


Sounds like complicated, Im sure envato staff may help in this


Same for me, I was thinking about creating a post like this


You can’t do such a thing as far as I’m aware.


At the moment this can not be done at the tag level, it can only be done at the category level (in user profile you can select muted categories)


Hey do what I do. Head over to the audio and video tag pages ( e.g. ) and at the top right change the tag status to “Muted”.

Then you navigate the forums using the “New” and “Unread” tabs. Don’t use the home page! Completely ignore the home page.

The “New” and “Unread” tabs will only contain interesting topics.

“New” will have brand new topics that you have never seen before.

“Unread” will have topics that you are following or are a part of.

This way you never miss anything new and are always kept up to take with interesting threads.

You can also mute categories (e.g. rooftop) and it works in the same way.

It took me a few days to get useto the New/Unread tabs but now it’s amazing.