How to handle refund request

Today I sold an item and shortly after recieved an e-mail where the buyer explained that he bought the same item twice by mistake. Now he asks for a refund or if he can change it to another item of my portfolio. What would be my reply? I guess it has to go through Envato somehow or could I help him in any way?

If the buyer is legitimately correct or your item has a bug then you should offer a refund by requesting they Open a Refund Request. You’ll get notified when this happen and you can process it. From what I see your buyer just had a problem during a transaction and a refund should be given, but this is just my point of view. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Big thanks for explaining this to me. I have never had such a request before. Anyhow, the customer is now informed! :+1:

Glad to have helped! If you wish to learn even more, you can check out the following.

And last but not least the Envato Announcement Introducing the Refunds Tab for Managing Refunds.