How to handle a simple image database with wordpress

Hi, I Need to make a Simple image database. I Need to tag images, search through them and show the most part only to registered users. Some images could be linked to alternative Ones (most are old restored photos), like “related” items in woo-commerce style. Is there any WP plugin that does that out of the box?



Sounds like you need a plugin that can help you create a simple image database with tagging and search features, as well as the ability to restrict access to registered users.

One plugin that might fit your needs is :point_right: NextGEN Gallery. This plugin allows you to create galleries of images and add tags to them. You can also use the built-in search feature to find specific images within your gallery.

To restrict access to your images, you can use the built-in “access control” feature of NextGEN Gallery. This allows you to set permissions for different user roles, so you can make certain galleries or images only visible to registered users.

As for linking related images, you can use the “album” feature of NextGEN Gallery to group related images together. This will allow you to display them in a similar way to related products in WooCommerce.

I hope this helps! Please hit :heart: If you are satisfied with my reply.