How to give Activation Code to buyer?

I am new to Envato. I had one product on sale in CodeCanyon and having difficulty passing on Activation Code to the Buyer. I have a list of Activation codes. How do I send the Activation Code to the buyer whenever he purchases my item from CodeCanyon.

You are not allowed to entirely block functionality on items (only on select features/functionality, and then this should be done using Envato’s API and purchase code verification)

You cannot give (and shouldn’t) activation code. Instead, you can require customer to activate his installation using Envato API. With the Envato API, the customer can login on their envato account and after having granted some access, you can verify their purchase by checking their recents purchases. That’s the solution i’m using for my applications.

You need to be very careful -

You cannot use your own self-provided unlocking codes
You cannot decide single or multi installation policies

This is completely illegal as an exclusive author and in breach of your author agreement and envato’s licenses

You MUST abide by Envato’s licensing and NOT your own interpretation This type of behaviour will result in your acocunt being locked

We are updating our API and will remove code from that

That Was before going live on Envato.

Now Updated.

Thanks for showing us. Will take care of it.