How to get your track FEATURED on Audiojungle

Guys. If theres any tips to get your music featured please write below, or just your thoughts about that. I am struggling to get that badge for a long time now. Thanks.

Create something that stands out from the rest in terms of quality and commercial viability.

Do you have a featured track friend?


Can i check it out?

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Love the vibe. Thanks

Well, I’ve tried that… Didn’t work :joy: :smirk: :frowning_face:

Getting a featured track cannot be pre-determined. Keep creating items that stand out and the reviewers (who choose featured items) will notice and select a possible track from your portfolio.

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How selection usually conducted? Do you get featured status instantly after review usually or could it also be assigned after a while too?

As there’s only 52 slots per year and almost a million tracks on here, in all likelihood, the reviewers will not choose a track from your portfolio.

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Also since there seems to be a lot of cloning and copying around on this marketplace, some authors do not understand that what has been already featured, possibly because when the track was initially created, it stood out. Now we have authors who replicate what has already been done and featured hoping that their track will also do well.

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Is this worth to be featured?

Hi :slight_smile:

Re-read this great conclusion about featured track !

So this not possible to say if your track is worth or not to be featured :slight_smile:

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Actually no. Quite the opposite. I got my item featured about an year after uploaded. I was really surprised. Track sold fine since then, but i wouldn’t expect to be ’ featured’ . So, as @gballx said, this cannot be predetermined.

Final conclusion. It can’t be predicted anyway never ever in this life :wink:

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