How to get the update package on ThemeForest

I have one problem with the customize area of Finance Plus theme.
The thememove support tell me to download the update package on ThemeForest and extract zip file. Upload (via FTP or your hosting panel) the folder “tm-finance” to overwrite all files in “tm-finance” folder.
But i can’t find the update package on ThemeForest, there are another way to get the “tm-finance” folder.

Just download the theme again as before >> (assuming you ar elogged in) then hit download button

Thanks for the reply but I can not download the theme again because I do not have the card to log in. who bought the theme did not leave the card to login, but I am the owner of the site.
Is there any way to solve this problem?

If the theme was not bought from your account then you would need to buy a new license (copy) of the theme a sit will only ever be available from the purchasing account.

I can buy just one license or I’ll have to buy the theme. Or is it the same thing?

It’s the same thing - each copy of th theme gives you a new license and access to all downloads, updates and 6 months support

Thank you for your quick help.
Best regards!