How to get the real reason of rejection?

Hi there.
I’m a new designer and submitted my first logo yesterday.
Unfortunately It was refused,and the mail said like this:
unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.
I want to know the real reason more clearly, such as: Aesthetics?File version?Practicability?Fonts?
so what can I do?
Certainly,Maybe the logo is really not good.:smiley:

ps. and I noticed the problem on svg,maybe svg is no need.

That type of rejection is always related to the aesthetics, design, commercial appeal etc. If there are technical issues with the file then you’d usually get a soft reject and they’ll tell you what the issue is.

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Thanks for your suggestion.:smiley:

Yes, each rejection basically means still not there. It means, your work is not good enough and you need more time to learn, but other than that nothing is wrong :slight_smile:

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Yes,it’s not so useful to customers and not good enough.
Thanks,dzeriho. :hugs:

Hi, I know, but reason for this is, that there’s nothing to point at. Overall, you’ll learn and level up in many areas. Next try will be significantly better or it’ll be just another quick exercise for you :slight_smile: Remember that here, everything is about commercial value. Also do take a deep look at your competition and what’s going on there.

Sadly if we look at competition right now, the only possible explanation is that, either some certain designers are reviewers themselves in Envato, or their “big name” allows them and they skip review altogether. The logo market on Envato has sadly become a monopole not based on meritocracy.

PS: I think the thread holder still needs a lot of work on his logo. Typography is misplaced, the ratio and also you can’t match a logo mark of that style with a serif font. The logo mark itself needs a lot of retouching as well.