How to get the list of All unanswered Comments on Themeforest

Hi Guys.

We are working on a project, where we will love to get all unanswered comments from a specific Item.

Unfortuantelly on the API, is just a weird method that can search by specific comment.

Any Ideas, that can help me ?

There’s currently no way to get all unread comments. You can build a system were all unread comments are unread email notification and if you have answered the email the comment has been answered.

You can leave the comment search string empty to get all comments for a particular item.

This is kinda what does. Builds a list of Envato items, then queries each item comments area to find new available comments.

You can add your own logic in there as to unread status (e.g. if last comment reply if from you, treat it as unread)

Thank you guys.
Here is the deal. On API, the search is a mandatory field that cannot be empty.

It says mandatory, and is mandatory on, but when you call the API you can leave it blank. Hopefully this isn’t fixed, because it’s the only way to get all item comments :slight_smile:

This is how you did on ? If yes that’s cool.

Yep, see term is empty:

That’s great. You did a great job there.
I will get inspire from your plugin, to fit my needs, of course if you are ok with that.

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