How to get support when a salesperson does not answer

Hello, I bought a script a week ago and the first bugs have arrived. I made a support request, the seller fixed one problem but created another and he no longer responds at all.
I end up with pages where a script appears. How to get help please? Thank you very much.

Is it my php version that’s not good?

That error is almost always caused by faulty code when gzip compression is enabled.

You can try turning off gzip compression (edit your php.ini and set zlib.output_compression = Off). This will make the error go away, but it will increase the download size of your pages which could make the site a little slower. If your pages aren’t too big, this shouldn’t be an issue.

If you’re on shared hosting, you can ask your web host for help with this.

And regarding the unresponsive author – if you are within an active support period and they still haven’t gotten back to you soon, please report that to Envato Market Help and Support.


Thank you very much for this precious help.

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I contacted my host who switched my site from php7.2 to PHP 5.6 compatible with my website.
Maybe this topic can help other people.
Thank you again to you.