How to get started on Envato being an Indian ?



Howdie everyone,

I am a software developer from India, and I want to start selling on envato. I have been following up with the type of content and the essence of envato. It’s a great marketplace to sell my products, but I don’t know where to start from. I would really appreciate, if someone can help me out on how to place myself as an author here and also, about all the legalities that need to be put into place before I start selling.

Hoping for some enlightening insights.


Hello! :slight_smile:
welcome To Envato, If you are coder you can uplaod your project at


Welcome to Envato!
First its a really good idea to read all the great articles here :

It helped me a lot when i started.

After this you can ask all your remaining questions here :wink:


Thanks for replying @Enrize and @ilmosys. I know about various categories where I can work. What I want to know is the preparation on a legal level in my country, before start selling anything through Envato. For instance, should I be registered as a firm/company here in India, what all identification documents should I have already, etc.
Any help on this front would be very helpful. Thanks once again.