How to get started in WordPress Theme or Plugin Development ?

I am a PHP Developer with codeigniter & laravel framework.I want to get into WordPress development. Recently, i completed WordPress development course on Udemy (because i completed it in parts and took very long time due to my study and education). What should i do now ?? I am still not confident that i will able to develop premium WordPress theme/plugin. If i want to start development which should i start with ? Theme or Plugin ? I would to know your suggestions ! Need Help !

Both , since your probably need to build a plugin that contains any non-basic features along with your theme .

Maybe you need to check this out

If you’re not interested in publishing your themes on TF or wordpress .com , take a look at

If you are not a very good designer as well, or don’t know one who can join you, then you should focus on plugins for now. You won’t get your theme approved without a great design, no matter how good your code is. And considering how high are current standards for both the design and WP development, it takes a LOT of experience and talent for one person to sit on both of those chairs. I mean it is not impossible, but don’t expect to make any money from selling WP themes on ThemeForest in the near future. Developing some unique plugin is IMHO much safer bet right now. You just need to come up with an idea for one. That is probably the hardest part.

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Agree with you.
I am already selling codeigniter script. But most of traffic in envato web market is for wordpress i guess which leads to more competition. Thinking to develop my skills more then jump into this market. Thanks for your suggestions.