How to get ride of rejection

Hey all, Please advice me. what is wrong in this logo and why it is rejected

your design reasons get rejected, probably because they have similarities with pre-existing logos :slightly_smiling_face:

look and ans me i have been troubling about this…

In my opinion :
make the buyer easy to editing your design…more easy that’s good :smile:

First of all stop spamming in treads of others authors. 8 same comments in 8 topic… this is unacceptable here. Please respect other authors. About your question: I recommend to buy one of the best sellers item in the category you are interesting, and look up how it has been organizated.

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Thanks you romlam, sorry for 8 same comments…
and also thanks for your opinion…
but i much benifited if you give me a sugession of 1 or 2

if so they should reject all logos or almost Yuan lol

this is easy to get to know why u got rejected in this case … your typo is not good enough this far , this is not matching with the graphic part in terms of style amd if i like the graphic part indeed, the m does not look perfectly smooth actually. I am also notreally sure about the proportion between text and graphic

Ha ha ha maybe that’s also the reason why my portfolio does not have many items lol :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe the reason is that when u joined the whole thing was already oversaturated, most importantly … lol and this is not to mention that the things impossible to control, like crazy things happening in the reviewing process … people here have managed the incredible feat to hard reject an item that i had made a flyer, cd cover and ticket with … it had been approved, had sold more than 60 times on aggregate and suddenly as a badge it was hard rejected , out of the blue ! LOL the funniest thing of all is that i put the links towards the other designs in the description … not read apparently …