How to get ride from the Duplicate ID during W3C validation when it comes from noscript?

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I’ve developed a theme that got a soft reject and one of them is, “Some of your files contain validation errors”. The error is a Duplicate ID that appearing from noscript tag.
How can be fixed the issue?

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You can try with multiple id name like
I think it can be helped!

But the code is appearing from a plugin that is dynamic. Can not be changed from the theme.
If duplicate ID comes from noscript then really it needs to fix? Is that a problem?

@themebeer so I am guessing from what you have said the PLUGIN is the issue, not the theme. So what plugin are you using that is throwing the error in?

I have encountered similar issue. Our product was rejected because of duplicated Instagram feed that was coming from plugin. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any solution but to delete secondary feed from website. In your case it’s more complicated though :slight_smile:

Charitable Donation plugin. The issues appearing from the donation form. Where duplicate ID’s found twice, that is from noscript tag.


I’m not all clued up on wordpress so forgive me for commenting (just trying to help).
Assuming you are running the latest wordpress version 5.6 then my next question would be are you running the most up to date version of the plugin?

Also, are there are other alternative plugins that achieve what you want, but do not create duplicate ids?

Albeit a different topic as such:

This may assist you in finding an answer to your problem. Best wishes.