How to get rid of comments tab in this wordpress theme?

Hey guys

We were originally built on the theme at our boxing site at We don’t use comments on our site and have them turned off in articles. For some reason though when scrolling through our homepage stream of stories the words “0 Comments” still comes up in all of our story boxes next to the date which the articles were written, but only on the homepage. Was able to get rid of this box on the articles themselves when you click into a story by putting:

.postas-wordpress {visibility: hidden;}
.entry-comments-link {display: none;}

  • into custom css under theme options on our wordpress theme. That seemed to get rid of that “O comments” thing within the articles but not on the article boxes that appear on the homepage next to the date or the articles.

You can’t without editing the template unfortunately as it doesn’t have a selector to target, possibly look in index.php but that’s a guess as every theme is different and look for comments_number which is the function that is normally used to display the comments text

Thanks Gareth tried looking but couldn’t find anything in the main index template. We have two comments files comments.php and function/comments.php so am guessing something might be in them. What’s strange is we had the same problem before when someone clicked into an article. The comments were turned off but that 0 comments thing still appeared. But after we put in the above code as mentioned in the first message above, the 0 comments thing went away when someone clicked into the article.