How to get ongoing support post-launch for building on HubSpot.

Hi Authors,

As of yesterday, August 9th, 2021 at 9:00 AM EST, we have officially announced the Envato - HubSpot Partnership! Now that we are officially live, we wanted to provide some direction for everyone on how you can go about getting continued support for developing on HubSpot.

HubSpot’s Community Developer Forums

We have a dedicated community forum for developers where you can go to post questions and receive help. We’ve gone ahead and added a “Marketplace” label that can be used when tagging your community posts. This will help surface marketplace related questions easier.

HubSpot Developer Slack

While not an official HubSpot support channel, we have our Developer Slack (which some of you are already familiar with). We will be keeping the current private slack channel that we have open for the remainder of August in case there is anything you need to reference. After August, we will be archiving the channel (which can still be accessed and browsed for reference) and ask that all questions be directed to our public facing channels. We have channels dedicated to many aspects of building on our platform.

If you haven’t joined the slack but wish to, below is a direct invite link:

A few final words

We at HubSpot just want to take this opportunity to also say thank you to everyone who participated in this!

I would also like to personally say it has been amazing getting to know all of you and working together with you. Seeing the themes that everyone has created is truly inspiring! I am beyond excited to see what everyone creates next and I wish you all the best in sales for your themes!!!

Thank you again and as always, if there is anything you need, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

AJ LaPorte
Sr. CMS Developer Advocate @ HubSpot
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