How to get more sales and exposure

I’m Max an italian composer,working seriously on audiojungle from 4 months,more or less.

I’m asking if anyone of you is promoting his profile on forums on the internet,youtube,etc or if you are only uploading tracks and getting exposure and sales only from audiojungle itself.

Here is my profile:




There have been some pretty good posts on the Envato blog about promoting your work, unfortunately I didn’t save them. But a big part of success is being consistent, continuing to regularly upload items, and possibly finding your own niche that plays to your strengths and allows you to build up a base of returning customers. As one of the staff guys once said, selling on AJ is a marathon, not a sprint.


Hi Max! These articles might help you to get started :slight_smile:


The track is the hit, solve the problem of promotion.

Hi Max, nice to see you back here! Ci sentiamo :muscle::musical_note:

Thanks! I’ll check them.
I’ve already a facebook page but i’ve never promoted my stuff of audiojungle.

Sei italiano?

That’s what i was wondering if it takes only to make good tracks and audiojungle will do the rest.

Ti scrivo su facebook :slight_smile: