how to get into the elements?

Hello! Tell me how can I get into the elements as an author?

You have to be invited into this exclusive club or be a reviewer to unlock the door - otherwise it will remain firmly shut for us regular joes…mediocre.


Why on Earth would you want to do that?

Is it selling your music for fraction of cents that’s appealing? Or is it the stealing sales from AJ authors part that does it for you?

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If you are interested to join in elements then you have to apply Become an Elements Author

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Thank you very mutch

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To be part of this private members club could result in several things:

  1. The revenue made from Elements may affect revenue from Audio Jungle meaning that you may not make as many sales on your single licensing since buyers become subscribers.
  2. Existing Elements Authors would see their monthly Elements payout reduced if more authors join Elements since the share pool would increase which would create a possible conflict.
  3. Appropriate licensing and usage not followed by buyers could result in subscriptions buyers using assets for broadcast purposes which would be a real mess for everyone.

In reality apart from effective download monitoring from Envato how could stock piling assets be policed and items not appear elsewhere as a result.

I personally think it is a huge gamble in or out.

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I understood you. Many thanks! I will think about it.