How to get identical look and content of what I saw when I bought it?

Hi, when I decided to buy AVADA and extend the assistance, I expected that after the installation I would have had a default initial site, EXACTLY like the one I saw here:
Or with all the styles, pages, menus, effects that I can see and use, and then modify and use as I like,
instead after the installation I see only this

which looks nothing like what I wanted: what I see is exactly like all the other free templates that are found online and that are of no use or that require great capacity to be set.

What should I do to get exactly the copy of what I see on installed on my site / domain?

I very much hope for your help, I await your kind suggestions :slight_smile:


For getting exact copy of the demo you have to install the theme then have to install all theme bundle plugins and then have to import theme demo(your chosen one from the demo list).

You can check theme docuemntation to get help how to setup everything.


Thank you for your speed, unfortunately I don’t speak English well and I have no programming skills,
I tried to look in the various guides but there are so many and I lose myself and I don’t know what I have to do :frowning:

Could you be a little more specific and recommend the links of the various steps that I have to follow to get what I’m looking for? :slight_smile:

please click on theme documentation in my previous reply it will take you the docuemntation. Please check there and if you are not much familair with wordpress then will be better if you work with your developer who will setup your website as you need.

If you want to get support from theme author then please go to theme details page then support tab and contact the author (at bottom you will find a button to contact).


all very disappointing, I wasn’t going to buy hundreds of pages to read in English and dozens of videos, spending hundreds of hours just to get a basic site without customization … :frowning:
I have the impression of having covered an empty box, I have the impression that if this is the assistance, I have thrown away the money of the + 6 months of additional assistance …

Is it possible that there is no automatic setup to get the base site like the one you show when you sell?

Watch the video here


This is public forum area. We are just trying to guide you how to get support and we also try to give you a solution if possible for us. You have purchased theme and also you have support with your purchased so please contact theme auhtor. Theme auhtor will be happy to assist you. and theme technical support is author responsibility.

Thanks for Understanding

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Your site will not be made by itself - you will need to “play” a little bit with your theme (or to read/watch some video). I am sure this will not take you a lot of time - once the demo content is set it will be all much easier.


If you don’t want to read/watch video, you can hire someone to install the demo content for you -

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Hi, now I start to understand, before I had passed through this window but the preview showed me something else, my mistake.

But now I ask you some things

  • Is it possible (is it necessary to see AVADA classic?) Delete all my old test posts, my test menus and the images I uploaded before? Such as?
  • I have a problem of “IMPORT FAILED Demo import failed. Please check for PHP limits in red”, if I go deeper, I read
    "PHP Max Input Vars: [?]
    1000 - Recommended Value: 1720.
    Max input limitation will truncate POST data such as menus. "
    if I go deeper, I read
    The solution to simply configure the max_put input is that it is large enough to handle the number of variables being viewed by WordPress to save your menu.

If you have access to your php.ini, you can just add this directive to your max input variables:

max_input_vars = 3000;
If you don’t have access to this file, you may need to contact your host to increase this limit.

Alternatively, you can try placing this in your .htaccess. This won’t work on some servers, so your mileage may vary.

php_value max_input_vars 3000
If you have a .user.ini file, you can add the following to override the default php.ini value

max_input_vars = 5000; "

… ok but how can I change those values?
Do I change them from wordpress or do I have to edit them in another way? Which?

That’s a hosting issue - it’s really not something that is easy to explain esp. in a forum. You are probably best talking to your hosting provider who should be able to assist with that.

Having the redundant posts and assets won’t stop things working but it will bloat your site so it’s best to get rid of them or run a fresh installation of WP

If this all sounds alient then I’d strongly suggest looking on for an installation service.

Ok, il problema del max input l’o risolto dasolo andando nel panello di controllo del ARUBA che mette a disposizione un panello dove ho potuto cambiare il valore di
PHP Max Input Vars:(da 1000 -> 5000)
e già che cero ho alzato anche il massimo x l’upload

OK, “PHP Max Input Vars” Now it’s fixed … but now another error has appeared that did not appear before: “PHP Time Limit:” says that from 60 it must pass to 120, ok I say, certainly if you warned me before, I could avoid to go out from the control panel and fix everything immediately … but it is not a problem to return to the panel and bring it to 120, unfortunately if I do a check again it tells me that now “PHP Time Limit:” is 120 but it must be changed again and brought to 180 :frowning: unfortunately my panel control allows me a maximum of 120 !!! :frowning:

Oh, don’t worry, luckily I see a link “Increasing max execution to PHP” unfortunately it doesn’t work and it says “the ink doesn’t exist anymore. It could interest you this other link” but also that other link doesn’t help …
In the end I try to re-enter my control panel and raise the other time-related parameters … fortunately the system status of AVADA accepts it and finally now everything is in place, I have no red message and I’m ready to import the DEMO I want !!!

Now my configuration it’s this:

Avada Versions:

Avada Versions

Current Version: 5.9.1
Previous Version: No previous versions could be detected

WordPress Environment

Home URL:
Site URL:
WP Content Path: /web/htdocs/
WP Path: /web/htdocs/
WP Version: 5.2.2
WP Multisite: –
PHP Memory Limit: 256 MB
WP Debug Mode: –
Language: it_IT

Server Environment

Server Info: Apache
PHP Version: 7.2.17
PHP Post Max Size: 25 MB
PHP Time Limit: 240
PHP Max Input Vars: 5000
SUHOSIN Installed: –
ZipArchive: :heavy_check_mark:
MySQL Version: 5.6.44
Max Upload Size: 25 MB
DOMDocument: :heavy_check_mark:
WP Remote Get: :heavy_check_mark:
WP Remote Post: :heavy_check_mark:
GD Library: bundled (2.1.0 compatible)

Updates Server Status

Check Envato Server Status:
Check ThemeFusion Server Status:

Active Plugins (27)

LayerSlider WP: by Kreatura Media
Elementor Addon Elements: by WebTechStreet
Advanced Custom Fields PRO: by Elliot Condon
Astra Starter Sites: by Brainstorm Force
bbPress: by La comunità di bbPress
Contact Form 7 Widget For Elementor Page Builder: by voidCoders
Classic Editor: by Contributori WordPress
Contact Form 7: by Takayuki Miyoshi
Convert Plus: by Brainstorm Force
Custom Icons for Elementor: by Michael Bourne
Elementor Addons & Templates - Sizzify Lite: by ThemeIsle
Elementor: by
Essential Addons for Elementor: by WPDeveloper
Fusion Builder: by ThemeFusion
Fusion Core: by ThemeFusion
Fusion White Label Branding: by ThemeFusion
Illdy Companion: by Colorlib
Max Mega Menu: by
MetaSlider: by Team Updraft
PVB Contact Form 7 Calculator: by Petko Bossakov
PWA: by PWA Plugin Contributors
Slider Revolution: by ThemePunch
The Events Calendar: by Modern Tribe

UpdraftPlus - Backup/Ripristino: by UpdraftPlus.Com

WooCommerce: by Automattic
Yoast SEO: by Team Yoast
WP Reset: by WebFactory Ltd


… And now:

“Demo import failed. Please check for PHP limits in red on the System Status page. Change those to the recommended value and try again.”

… AAARGH!!! :frowning: as you see above, everything is perfect, there is no red color !!!

But then what is the real problem now?