How to get found as a "miscellaneous" project


Dear Envato Friends,

I am relatively new to the Envato marketplace and I have recently made a videohive project Photo Animator, which has some potential in my opinion. Unfortunately it did’t fit in any regular category, so I had to list it in miscellaneous > miscellaneous.

Now I saw that there isn’t even a “miscellaneous” category to choose from as a buyer.

My project already got 5 sales within the time it was listed in the new projects on the frontpage of videohive/after effects projects. But now I’m very afraid that no one will find it anymore.

Since it won’t be found through a category, I think the keywords are very important.

I would kindly ask to get your opinions on my choice of keywords (tags) or if you have other ideas on how to increase visibility.

As we probably all do, I have put a lot of work and love into my project and don’t want to leave anything untried. So if you have any indeas for me I would be super thankful.

Thank you very much for your time reading this.

I’m wishing you all the best!

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Wow, great item. :thumbsup:

Here are some possible ideas for you:

  • If you get enough sales in a week, your item will appear on the Popular Items page and will give you more exposure.
  • Post your item preview video on Vimeo and YouTube if you have not done so already. Remember to use your referral link!
  • Create tutorial videos on how to use your item and post them on YouTube/Vimeo.
  • Check out our Item Promotion Guidelines - there’s some nuggets in there that you may find useful. I like this one in particular (be careful to follow the guidelines exactly!)
  • I see you’re not promoting your item on your profile page. Missed opportunity, get it added! :smile:
  • Promote your item on your other item pages to maximize traffic.
  • Create collections that contain your item. The collection + the right words with help with SEO and can drive some extra traffic to your collection/item.

Just a few ideas there to hopefully get you started.

Meanwhile, I’ll also recommend and pass your item along to the crew who set VH features as I think this would be a great item to feature that will excite buyers. Can’t promise anything will happen but best of luck if something materializes. Seems like a super useful item, all the best with future sales! :star:


Dear Scott,

wow, thank you so much for all your great tips and the time you took to explain everything. It is more than appreciated. Thank you very much! Especially for passing the item to the VH features crew! wow - I’m so happy you like it!

After I made the original post, the item continued to sell even though it wasn’t in the newest section anymore. I don’t know how all these people find it, but I’m so happy they do :smile:

I will add the preview video on youtube and vimeo. I found out that other people already put the preview on vimeo using their own referral link. They also give the impression that they have made the project. I think I’ll kindly ask them to take it down.

I read the Item Promotion Guidelines and have two questions about them:

-As you suggested I would like to put a tutorial on youtube/vimeo. Am I allowed to put the Tutorial which is included in the project on youtube/vimeo or should I make a new one so I don’t give away things from the project for free? I think it would be better to make new tutorials, right?. Am I allowed to link them on the Item Page or is this being considered as free bonus content? (“NOT OK: b. Bonus files such as free content or a lite version of the item.”)

-I also read that it is not ok to promise future updates, which I kind of did (I already erased it from the item page). I am currently working on updates to add more features to the item, so is it ok to write the following?
“If you have any wishes or ideas that you want me to implement, don’t hesitate to write me! I’m always happy to get some input and feedback. This will help me improve the tool!”

I’m sorry for all the questions, I just don’t want to violate the guidelines…

So if you or anyone here know the answers, I’d be very thankful.

Again, thank you so much Scott, you made my day!

Best Regards and a great weekend to everyone,
Anton (Mr-Gallery)


Wonderful item, Mr-Gallery! I just checked it out and didn’t think such a thing was possible - guess I’m more of a music guy :smile:

Well done and congratulations on making such a fantastic item. As I said in the comments I reckon it could likely turn into a high performing top-seller! :smile:

Good luck :thumbsup: Keep this up and you’ll do very well here.


Dear James,

thank you very much for your kind words! That is very nice of you to say! :smiley:

Yes, I hope it’ll perform well. I also have some new ideas for other items.
And so many people are giving me a warm welcome to the Envato community.

It is a really nice start! Thank you and everybody!


There’s actually nothing wrong with people doing this. Think of it like this: They’re taking the time to refer traffic to your content. So the least they deserve for their time is a referral cut. By all means add your video(s) too with your referral ID, but just for the record, anyone is freely allowed to refer your items if they so wish. :thumbsup:

  • You basically want to protect the “integrity” of your item if/where possible, so you don’t want to give away all your secrets about how your item is made and how it works. You want to balance promoting your item to convince someone to buy it with helping someone who already has it, yet not showing exactly how your item is created (simply to prevent anyone ripping you off in any way). Hope that makes sense. :smile:
    -If I understand what you’re saying correctly, then yes, you would be allowed to add tutorials/videos on your item page. Think about it for a second though: You might want/prefer a different kind of video on the item page because the buyer is already on your page. Your item preview video (which is excellent btw) should be more than enough to sell the item.
  • Yes, the sentence you added above is permissible.
  • Here’s an idea for you though to kill two birds with one stone: Establish a newsletter that users (prospective AND existing customers) can sign-up to. Promote it via your item pages, inside your item .zip file, and on your personal web site(s). That way, you can alert users of the updates you were originally referring to. Tip: Try using MailChimp to manage your newsletter(s).

Best of luck! :slight_smile:


Dear Scott,
thank you again for all the good tips and informations. It is highly appreciated!

I’ll try to implement all your tips as soon as possible.

I’m very happy of becoming part of this community. I feel like having a great start. Thanks to you and many others. :smile:

Have a great day!
Thank you very much and best regards!