How to get followers in audiojungle?

Hi everyone :raising_hand_man:
How to get followers in audiojungle?

Hi! :raising_hand_man: :slight_smile:

  • Make good quality tracks or sound items.

  • Wait for people to listen to them. If they like what they hear, they might click the follow button.

  • Comment other authors works if you sincerely likes something (but refrain from posting generic repetitive comments, because those might be interpreted as spam).

  • Participate in forum discussions from time to time? It’s a very lively forum with all kinds of topics.

Those are basic ideas for sure, but I don’t think there’s a secret formula to get followers. Also, some will simply return the favor when you follow them. Let time do his thing might be one of the best trick. :slight_smile:


I follow you now. It’s a start. :wink:


…and you can put a link right from your forum icon pointing to your AudioJungle’s profile and/or portfolio. Simple tip, but you’ll be easier reached that way. :wink:

Blackmail, threats of physical violence, threats to relatives…:thinking:

Man, that’s some serious dark humor for sure! :sweat_smile:

There is no “black humor”. A threat is not an action. :smirk:

Well, to each our own. I’ll continue with my softer techniques. :wink:

Follow as much as you can and dont forget to put GLWS

P.S. Just kidding. But there are many, many people who will follow you just for the sake of having followers. Better concentrate on the music.

P.P.S. Nonze, i didnt mean to reply directly to you, sorry)


Try to use the search engine of the forum such questions were asked more than once.

No problem. That’s what I thought. :slight_smile:

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nice advice!

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I think clients and producers appreciate good advices from music composers :slight_smile: you can get some followers from do nice comments, I do this pointing the strength and good moments of each track.
Good luck!

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Thank you :+1:

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