How to get downloaded images to my designer

I hired a designer to create a video for me. It will be comprised of several videos I select from Envato Elements. What is the most efficient way to get the videos to my designer? I could download and then upload to Gdrive but I’m hoping there’s a more streamlined solution.

I have an individual account.

That’s it. Don’t forget to download the license, too. You may need it

You may just find the videos and share the links with your designer ( your login details as well ) but you will add “Team members” to your account. If you’re holding a single/personal account, your account may be blocked if there’s an unknown access.

From the site page or others? If you want to download the image from one page site, you could push the F12, then choose the element, then make the mouse cursors stay at the image you wanted, then you could see the image link. Point it then you can download it.

My question is how I can get the images to my designer. I have an individual account.

You will have to download and license them and then share those - the only more direct route would as @ki-themes said, to use a team subscription.