How to get details on the item review process & environment.

The reviewer team sends me a screenshot with an issue that I can’t reproduce.
I tested on various devices, browsers. My developer also can’t reproduce the issue.

It looks like the reviewer team uses an automated service to generate screenshots.

Can somebody shine a light on the test process?
How to get additional details on the reported issue?

Post the screenshot or code and maybe someone can help you with it.

There are some cases where the encoding of the page, some css, browsers ignores spaces/new lines. How are you adding the spacing? Via CSS margin-right? Or new line is the separator? To avoid these kind of issues, when it’s a new line sometimes I also add   ( an HTML space ) to new line.


In some cases it will ignore spacing, and merge them.

Most like it’s a margin-right issue, and how you defined those icons(css display)

Also feel free to share your URL, maybe we will be able to see it on our devices.

Hmm, can you be more specific?
What browser? I tested all browsers, Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera. On Mac and on Windows. Nothing.

Do you know the settings or tool on how to configure the browser to “ignores spaces/new lines”?

I believe the community deserves to know the environment configuration used by the reviewer team.

Yes. It is margin-right on the inline-block element.

Unfortunately, my designer didn’t allow me to share his ideas before approval.

I can’t give you a specific way to fix this, it’s most probably due to the inline-block display. It’s not a common issue for me since I’m not really the one doing frontend these days.
Anyways basically the space/new line between inline/inline-block is counted towards spacing, as opposed to block.
Convert your markup from div to a and use inside a and icon.

<div class="inline-block">ICON</div>


<a class="href-class">ICON</a>

This should fix your issue, on any browser.
Just so you understand a bit the inline-display issue.