How to get approved my logo?

I have uploaded this logo for review but it is rejected. I don’t know why? Can you please help me find errors with this logo? Also can you please tell me how can I make approved my logo?

Hey. It is very, very simple. Sorry if offended. Improve your skills and you will succeed! :+1:


Thank you for your comment. I am trying to improve my skills. Is there any suggestions for me?

yes - avoid things we can find millions for free on the net. ->


hi indeed, there is much to say … the thing is , as most of the other guys mentioned that the global style is too simple. Btw i would even add that , think about it … the thing takes about 5 minutes to be redone by anyone who can use illustrator , so in short your item, as such , as very limited commercial potential, so why would anyone pay for it when they save no time and they could save money … then, the typo is clean, for sure but also very flat and and lacking variations, font combinations and so on at the moment. Introducing a tag line will help u into creating a hierarchy of information and bring all this to the table

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