How to get a list of purchases given username - Envato API



Trying to figure out how I can get a list of all the purchases made of my products given a username. I’m looking at the API and doesn’t seem possible, or am I wrong?

Something like this…

This info is so I can record how many licenses a user has for any given product. I don’t think requesting an API key from customers is something that should be needed for this.



It’s sort of a violation of confidentiality to hand people a list of client information without their consent, Envato doesn’t really do that sort of thing.
At most Envato might tell you which account bought your product for a given item but I haven’t even seen that.


I mean buyer data for purchases of our own items. Which is already available for us to see via our statements. I am just trying to avoid having to use Authenticating with OAuth, but if I must I will :sunglasses:


Given username "test_username"
Return data array( ‘Item 1’ => 10, ‘item_2’ => 2);

So user has purchased your Item 1 10 times and your Item 2 2 times.


Even if we are direct sellers and we should get this data it’s not possible right now. It’s just silly