How to generate a separate token key for multple theme purchases

Hi, I have purchased multiple copies of Avada for use on different sites. In order to authenticate purchase for upgrades, even though the purchase was previously registered, I now have to generate a Token Key to re-authenticate. By using a Google search I was able to find the Envato page to do this. But this is for one theme. How do I generate additional Tokens for separate purchases? My concern is generating a new Token might invalidate the one I already have.

Envato itself is no help here. They insist they don’t provide technical support but I do not need technical support or any help using a theme, I need help properly registering purchases.

Needless to say, any help appreciated.


There’s no official system for theme registration. Envato is correct that they can’t help you with this; you must contact Avada’s author (ThemeFusion) instead for advice since it is their own system.

Problem is support has expired and I can’t even post a request. Since I don’t need theme support but registration authentication help it’s a bit nuts. Really don’t see paying for support to register item I paid for. Must be some info form forum.

You can try emailing them from the contact form on their profile page:

Thanks so much. I sent the email through the profile page and will hope for a response.

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