How to fix "encrypted code or a third party licensing system" : Soft Reject

Each time i’m looking at the review email, i get stucked looking at this part of review :

  • Please make sure the item doesn’t contain any encrypted code or a third party licensing system

I already fixed previous point, but i’m lost here. My item use following open-source tools :

CodeIgniter 3.0.6
TendooCMS 3.0.9
AdminLTE 2.3.3
Carbon : extension for DateTime
Bootstrap Notify
jQuery UI
Bootstrap TimePicker

Is there any which is uncompatible with commercial use ? i checked all, but did found anything.
Since, i don’t was to disturb (with several submit), i would like to do things well.


Hi @blair_jersyer,

I’m facing that same issues, although I use other open source tools…
I also left the Licensing and the Author credits on my creation.
Have you found a fix for that issue?

Best regards.

Hey @blair_jersyer,
just make sure you didn’ use any licensed software (scripts) in your application. And if you used, just make sure you give the right credits to the author / corporation or website.

Thank you!

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