How to find this AE template?

Hi all, does anyone know where to find this AE template for photo montage? Thanks

Maybe this can be good alternative:

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I think that this rejected because already have on videohive as say @miseld :slight_smile:

miseld - thanks for the alternative but i really like the initial template i posted :blush:

JeriTeam - what does rejected means? can no longer find the template anywhere? :pensive:

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  1. I’m 99% sure that from around 2.25 is a completely separate files from the first 2 minutes - which is it that you like?

  2. You understand that there’s no guarantee that this is actually a template?

  3. Assuming these are template based then there is also no guarantee that they came from envato however it will be easier to try and track down the hands and stop motion stuff about Melbourne Vet School -

I’d suggest starting by Googling or searching on video stock sites

I am looking for the template of first half of the video (before 2:27) and have googled to look for it but to no avail

Thanks charlie4282 for your comments!